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After the Guardian home standby system has been positioned on the foundation pad, set in place and connected to the gas or LP line outside your home or business (3-ft clearance is required on all four sides of the unit), an automatic transfer switch is installed next to your distribution panel.

With an air or liquid-cooled system, once the owner has selected the circuits to protect, those circuits from the main distribution panel to the transfer switch's load center circuits are matched. Larger generators can protect all circuits with the appropriate transfer switch.

In operation, the system monitors incoming voltage from the utility line, 24 hours a day. When the utility power has been interrupted, the transfer switch senses the problem and signals for the generator to start. At that time, the automatic transfer switch will then safely close off the utility line and open a new power line from the generator. Within seconds your home standby system will begin supplying electricity to your pre-selected circuits. When the line voltage has returned at a steady state, the transfer switch will re-transfer the electrical load back to the utility source and resume monitoring for subsequent utility loss.

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