your home generator, inc. was formed in 2004 by Allan Hall, a graduate manufacturing engineer, a graduate of General Electric's manufacturing management training program and for thirty years the owner and president of a mid-west industrial advertising and public relations firm.
The idea to start a standby home generator sales and installation business was the result of Al's desire to have the independence, and the peace of mind from not having to be concerned about the kind of power outages that were becoming all to frequent in his Detroit metropolitan community, and that situation does not appear to be going away any time soon with the existing electrical tower and line infrastructure, let alone what bad weather conditions create. What Al found was lot of other people and small businesses felt the same way, too!
After a thorough research of the various manufacturers of standby generator systems, the Guardian line from Generac Power Systems, Inc., a company based in Whitewater, Wisconsin, was determined to have the level of quality, service, breadth of product range and affordability that met the market needs of your home generator, inc.
By combining this high quality Guardian product line with a professional team of licensed electrical and mechanical contractors, your home generator, inc. has quickly become the Detroit Metropolitan areas preferred source to meet the standby generator needs of homeowners and light industrial businesses.
Please call or email us today. We truly have the power to give you peace of mind.